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you end up going to school and making friends with the stud. .

Yandere!Malleus x Reader Imagine our dragon fae prince is truly only at Night Raven College for the worldly experience - he already has a fiancée at the Valley.


. An idea, platonic yan Malleus x reader x romantic yan Vil. May 18, 2023 · When a dark Fae falls in love, they fall in love deeply and true to their nature, their love and affection are unholy, twisted and possessive.


. . Cross-posted from my tumblr, ojouchann (deactivated) and hoshinoyozora (active)! Chapter 1: Arrant [Yandere! Malleus Draconia x Reader] Chapter Text.

. Malleus truly had no qualm about placing you in such an unforgiving place.

And so with a laboured sigh, Malleus removes his hand from your grasp and turns in a slow circle, not once, not twice, but three times so that the fabric shifts and twirls with the building momentum.

And gullible.

This is a story of the great Greek and Norse myths, the gods who are said to be older than time. (Warning: kinda OOC) You're a student at Night Raven College, the one and only human, with no magic.

Established Relationship. .

E or just a little papercut when reading.
E or just a little papercut when reading.

Yandere Twisted Wonderland x Reader jagiyaaa.


Malleus watched as the girl that he soon came to love slept peaceful unknowing that the dark-haired fae was watching her. Silver is probably the calmest yandere in this post and I feel he would generally try to keep his displeasure to himself. Children get fussy that’s just a known fact.

And now, you own the heart of Malleus Draconia. Pairing: Yandere!Malleus/Reader (Twisted Wonderland). . genre: yandere, fluff, g/n reader is already in an established relationship with malleus. Impulsive. But Silver was certain he’d allow a break for him too, or maybe Lilia.

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. Words: 1.

Malleus Draconia☾.

FEMALE VERSION — You were a sinner who didn’t believe in anything past the twisted world you lived in.

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